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Contact Gower Resort

We rent from Saturday to Saturday during July and August.
During June, Sept, Oct nightly rentals are available (2 night minimum)
Check in time is 4:00pm and check out time is 9:00am.

Call 231.445.1338 Ask for LAURA or MARK

Please feel free to leave a message at any or all of these numbers.

Take I 75 North
Exit 313 (Topinabee exit)
Turn right at exit 313 onto Old 27 (Heading north east towards
Cheboygan and traveling about 12 miles around Mullet Lake)
Turn right at exit 33 ( There is a blinking gold light at the junction) You will cross over the Cheboygan River right away.
Turn right onto Carter Road "immediately" after crossing over the bridge. Go to the bottom of the hill.
Turn right onto Hack Ma Tack Road. Go straight almost to the end of the road but do not drive into the water.
Turn left onto Jerome Road. (It is a small dirt road and there will be a Gower Resort sign with an arrow at the corner.
Turn left "immediately" onto Gower Lane. Another dirt road.
Follow lane to the end where it curves into the last driveway.
There will be three cabins at the end of the drive and the cabin numbers are on the cabins.

For more info on the Cheboygan Area visit: www.cheboygan.com